4 Handy GOOGLE Analytics Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is a favorite, not only for me but for every other writer and blogger. It is truly a great platform to write, blog and shares your work with other people that do the same. WordPress is certainly not as fun without the plugins that make it truly one of the best platforms for bloggers. With the right plugins, WordPress can become something else. I’m going to be telling you four of the best WordPress plug-ins that specify with analytics and how they can impact you for the better.

1). Google Analytics plus- Google Analytics plus is a classic and a world’s favorite, it gets the job is done for you fast and easy with no difficulty. The best part about this plugin is that it is simple. Google Analytics plus is as simple as they come, it takes the process of getting your data and viewing it so easy to understand. With bar graphs and easily readable charts, these plugins fit quite easily on your dashboard. It also provides you with 100% creativity process and lets you customize it as much as you’d like.

2). Google Analytics WD Premium plugin– This plug-in is recommended in the premium version because with the free version this plugin is just like the rest of them, it gives you your stats and that’s it, it does what it’s supposed to do and if that’s all you are looking for then I suggest Google Analytics plus but if you want a little bit more then the Google Analytics WD Premium plug-in is for you. Apart from the stats and data this plugin also provides you with information about how you can track your website’s progress and how to manage it better.

3). Monster Insights– Monster insights is known for its spot on tracking method. This plugin will track your progress to the very core and send you raw and detailed data on it. It also helps you boost any website with e-commerce. E-commerce is very tricky to handle, especially when placed on websites and having a type of e-commerce on your website means you have an online store or even a link to a store. Monster Insights tracks your e-commerce for you.


4). Google Analytics counter– Lastly, Google Analytics Counter. This plugin is on this list because it does one specific thing. It tracks your links. Whether your WordPress website is a blog or a store there is no way you can avoid linking other websites or stores and you can even do this for profit. In a case of profit, Google analytics counter makes sure to track how many clicks that link is getting and that will sure profit you.

google analytics counter pic

That is all for these wonderful plugins you might be favoring one or the other because it gets exactly what you want to be done and that’s why I was sure to include their specific tasks. Nevertheless, all of these plugins are truly magnificent and they are the best when we talk about handy google analytics plugins for WordPress.