5 Free Helpful Calculators Online

Years back, a calculation is done only with the use of electronic calculators. This portable device can perform calculations ranging from fundamental arithmetic to complex mathematics. But today, the cyberspace has brought simplicity to the use of calculation and anyone can perform simple or complex calculation online. In this review, we shall have a look at 5 free online calculators that are helpful in this contemporary age.


To estimate the schedule of a pregnancy, it is done with the use of a pregnancy calculator based on the due date that is provided. A sonogram is used to get an estimated due date, which can be acquired from a healthcare provider during prenatal care. When you calculate the pregnancy schedule with the due date, the calculator will tell you the exact age of the pregnancy. For instance, it will tell you if a pregnancy is 5 months 4 days old. It also tells you the length and weight of the baby. More so, the date when your baby was likely conceived and the percentage through the pregnancy.

calories calculator sheet


This calculator can be used for the estimated number of calories needed by an individual for his/her daily calories consumption. It also provides simple guidelines on how to gain or lose weight. Also, you can use the metric units’ tab if you prefer the International System of Units (SI Units). Furthermore, the calculator calculates in Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) with results on an estimated average. The BMR is the quantity of daily expended energy at rest.


This calculator stands out when you need to know the hourly, weekly or/and yearly conversion of your wages. It helps you to evaluate the amount you will be paid before the start of a job or at the end. Even if your job pays hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually? The hourly weekly yearly wage conversion calculator simplifies the entire evaluation process accordingly by generating the conversion of your wages separately (or as requested). This way, you’ll be able to make a good decision on how to manage your finance.

financial wage calculator image


Inflation, as globally known as the increase in the general price level of goods and services. Consequently, depreciating the value of the currency. Hence, the inflation calculator is available online to calculate the rate of inflation of a particular nation at a given time. There are three types of this calculator which are:

(a) Forward Flat Rate: It involves the calculation of a particular average inflation rate following few years.
(b) Backward Flat Rate: Based on a particular rate of average inflation, this calculator calculates equivalent amount of a purchasing power for some years ago.
(c) Historical Inflation Rate: this calculator can translate the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published in the United States into inflation rate.


Age calculator is simply available to determine ages or an interval between two dates. The result of the calculated age will be shown in years, months, weeks, up to seconds. The age calculator works on common global age system; as age grows from individual’s birth. The result is achieved by imputing the date of birth and the current date in the calculator. The calculator does the work of addition and subtraction to determine the current age of the person.


With the availability of these calculators online, you don’t need to go around with an electronic calculator anymore. Best of all, these calculators are free to use online.